Censor cuts for Barabara Morie’s new movie!

>> Sunday, November 28, 2010

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Hope you all must have remembered the young lady from Mexico,who acted in Hirthik’s “Kites”.
Here’s a sneak peek at steamy pictures from Barbara Mori’s Spanish film La Mujer De Mi Hermano (My Brother’s Wife) that will never make it to the Hindi dubbed version.
The film will release in India in English as well as Hindi. While the English version has been passed with an ’A’ certificate, the Hindi adaptation has been sent for censor review.
The international version has frontal nudity and intimate sex scenes, the desi version will be trimmed keeping the audience in mind.
A source reveals, “The Spanish version has frontal nudity and a lot of intimate lovemaking scenes.
While the English version has retained some of those scenes barring the frontal shot, the Censor board is bound to suggest major cuts for the Hindi one.”


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