Deepika-Sonam’s remarks, cost KJO quite a bit..

>> Sunday, November 28, 2010

Last Sunday’s KWK having Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor as Karans guest seems to have cost him a bit.
The ladies, did everything possible to show Ranbir Kapoor down. As a result, daddy Rishi Kapoor reportedly went all out against the two girls as well as Karan Johar.
Disgusted at their behaviour, Kapoor conveyed to Deepika and Sonam that they should have shown some class. He also declared that he would think twice before working with Karan again.
But it seems mommy Neetu Singh believes in ahimsa. Reema Jain and she are apparently on the sets of Karan’s home production Short Term Shaadi in Las Vegas.
Although Karan is not present at the sets of this Imran Khan-Kareena Kapoor starrer, Neetu’s and Reema’s presence there may definitely raise eyebrows.
Has Neetu taken the first step towards reconciliation? Or is it just because Rima’s son Armaan is working as an assistant on the film? We’ll wait and see.


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