Kareena finds Imran the next generation superstar…

>> Sunday, November 28, 2010

He’s cute and charming, and Kareena Kapoor finds him handsome too. The young Khan here is no other than the endearing Imran Khan.
If Imran can’t stop raving about Bebo, who also happens to be his co-star in Karan Johar’s next Short Term Shaadi, Kareena too is generous with her compliments for this Khan, though she is smitten with only one Khan (Saif Ali Khan).
The actress is quoted as saying, “He (Imran) looks good and he’s handsome. I think he is the next generation super-star.”

Kareena and Imran haven’t started shooting for their film, but going by their compliments, we can imagine how they are going to light up the big screen.


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